ANSWER QUESTIONS                                                                                                                                                                                                 DOWNLOAD BRIEF 

    4. Describe in detail how you see your logo

    5. Note the type of logo that suits you best (ATTENTION! When choosing a watercolor drawing, specify the cost and terms of work):

    GraphicFull colorWatercolor, traced to vector draw

    6. Give an example
    2-3 suitable for you logo, illustrations (required):

    and 2-3 unsuitable logos (illustrations) for you and attach images or links to them to the brief.

    7. Select ONLY the media on which your logo will be used:
    business cardtagstickercertificatebookletwrapping paperpacking bagleafletbanner on the wallshop signstamplabel
    bannerbanner for social mediaiconslayouts of publications

    8. Be sure to include the information and contact details that you want to see on the business card, tag, sticker, etc. (without fail):

    9. Attach a sketch-diagram with the arrangement of the elements, if you have one.

    10. If you have additions and wishes, write about it.